Ludovica Gioscia b. 1977


Ludovica Gioscia creates artworks that draws heavily from the Baroque in Rome, where she grew up, the significance of alchemy in studio practice, and her large archive of wallpapers containing motifs that stem from her mother’s DIY science lab, psychedelic explosions, telepathic brains, vintage jewellery auction catalogues, Paninaro patterns, Pasolini actors, Baroque interiors, ancient Roman ruins and the Rosetta Stone.


Since 2006, Gioscia has been creating large-scale site-specific wall-based installations, under the series title ‘Giant Decollage’, in which layered hand screen printed and commercial wallpaper are installed and then ripped back to reveal the strata underneath. The ‘Debris’ series, grew out of these, created by layering detritus accumulated whilst de-installing the installations.


Adopting a new modus operandi in 2016, which she titled the ‘Infinite Present’, Gioscia’s practice has significantly evolved, reflecting the new temporalities that have emerged with the digital revolution, in particular the scrambling of the linear. This has led to a studio practice that is constantly being reconsidered and renegotiated in which the past, present and future infinitely coexist. Ludovica describes her studio as having become a magical location in which artworks from the future and from other dimensions appear, and past creations are de-assembled and reconsidered.


Gioscia sees artworks as being alive, hence constantly evolving. Infused with a sort of animism, the creations stem from a deep enjoyment of working with materials. Fragments from previous installations and tools used to produce artworks, such as screen printing ink, gloves, brushes, sheets of protective plastic, make their way into her assemblages together with found objects, ‘Debris’, and other fabricated works in ceramic, wood, resin, Papier-mâché, and fabric.


The artist lives and works in London, UK.