Ludovica Gioscia

Group exhibition “Pop Therapy. Lo spirito rivoluzionario delle figurine Fiorucci“, Museo della Figurina, Modena, Italy

Curated by Diana Baldon


March 9 – August 25, 2019


The exhibition pays homage to Elio Fiorucci's eclectic genius and displays Fiorucci Stickers, the iconic album published in 1984 by Edizioni Panini.With over 25 milion of packets sold Fiorucci Stickers was wildly successful and condenses the graphic history of the milanese maison. The show is enriched by a site-specific installation by Ludovica Gioscia, whose artistic practice is heavily influenced by the expressive lexicons of 1980's culture and society. 


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March 9, 2019