What to See in Los Angeles Art Galleries This Week

Will Heinrich, New York Times, September 1, 2017

Review of the exhibition The Infinite Present, Baert Gallery, 2017.


The very best internet art I’ve seen recently is Ludovica Gioscia’s new group of analog objects at the year-old Baert Gallery. Ms. Gioscia captures the amorphous fungibility of the digital world not just by breaking down and reworking pieces from her previous shows — the spray-painted, laser- cut letters of “Pan” (2010) now cast a “shadow” of miscellaneous objects, many of them painted a dark eye-shadow blue — but also by arranging the new pieces so as to almost suggest that they constitute a single installation.


Eleven “portals,” squiggly vertical flags made with multicolored metallic fabric, hang at different heights in groups of two or three. Apple logos and images of Rolexes, meanwhile, which repeat throughout the ripped posters; flat, iconic wall sculptures; and other works, borrow the real-world value of luxury goods as a reminder that fungible doesn’t mean unreal.


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