The Light Observer (For sale)

Exclusive collaboration with Melinda Braathen
The Light Observer (For sale): Exclusive collaboration with Melinda Braathen
Publisher: Editions de l'Observer
Pages: 128
$ 22.00

For the magazine, Braathen reinterpreted the myth of Icarus, inspired by the poem Landscape with the fall of Icarus by William Carlos Williams. She created a dynamic and colorful series of pencil and pastel drawings, fully expressing her abstract visual language.


Also featured in the magazine:

Arguiñe Escandón & Yann Gross, Nicolas Floc’h, Tobias Friedauer, Layuhl Jang, Ann Veronica Janssens, Patrick Leigh Fermor, Séverine Martini, Charles Negre, Sanae Nicolas, Eleonora Paciullo, Charlotte Perriand, Paul Rousteau, TAXI, Lin Wei-Lun, Claudia Zalla.



"In this issue, light is explored through water. The deep ocean — mysterious and compelling — is where we start, interviewing the oceanographer Séverine Martini about bioluminescent organisms and the role light plays at depths of over 200 metres. This interview is juxtaposed alongside photographs taken by Nicolas Floc’h. The photographer captures the colour of water: blue and green monochromes shot below the surface, which bring to mind the work of Yves Klein, James Turrell or Ann Veronica Janssens. We interviewed the latter about her rich and sensitive relationship with light, and how light and liquids interact with each other. In the archives, we found illustrations by a 19th-century French entomologist depicting bioluminescent creatures, which we then contextualised with today’s information and scientific discoveries [...]."


Hugo Berger - Editor in Chief


About the Light Observer:

The Light Observer is an independent magazine published twice a year, with an international distribution through selected stores (bookshops, museums, concept stores, online). With a unique and exciting editorial line, the magazine investigates our relationship with light through in-depth articles and interviews - mixing upcoming and well-known artists, photographers, architects and scientists.