Jordan Rountree

Live performance - Chthonic Archive no. 5: Hell Mouth

Saturday, September 16, 2023
7.30 PM
Los Angeles

In Hell Mouth, a boy watches Buffy the Vampire Slayer, attends a birthday party, and tells a lie that escapes the limits of his control.

CHTHONIC ARCHIVE is an ongoing performance art project and published series. Each piece threads gestural and radio acting into music and sound scapes framed by video installations. Published works document the premieres in texts and images.

CHTHONIC ARCHIVE’s performances fuse the aural intimacy of 1930s American radio dramas with stylized visual idioms inspired by traditional Japanese Noh theater. Story material is at once personal and archaic: the artist mines mythological terrain for glimpses of himself and his unfolding world.

Text, music, performance, illustrations, and light/video installation by Jordan Rountree.

Video installation cinematography by Aron Meinhardt.

September 14, 2023