Francesca Mollett

Francesca Mollett is in Artsy's '10 Women Abstract Artists on the Rise'

Francesa Mollett

B. 1991, Bristol, England. Lives and works in London.


Francesa Mollett, who recently had solo exhibitions at Taymour Grahne Projects in London and Baert Gallery in Los Angeles, approaches abstraction with literary, if not poetic, references. Some elements from the material world may at times appear across her practice, but ultimately, those representations are heavily buried beneath the layers of painted abstract gestures. This in and of itself becomes a metaphor for how representation, or specific likeness, gets lost over time.

Mollett’s paintings, then, open a portal to the unknown—the buried thoughts and feelings of our subconscious. Open-ended and welcoming of each viewer’s personalization, her works guide us to dig deep into our own well of memories to relive the feeling of something rather than see the details.


January 26, 2023