Francesca Gabbiani

Included in Drawing Room London's 2021 Biennial benefit

Our celebrated exhibition and auction of over 300 unique artworks provides an invaluable snapshot of how artists are working with drawing today.


Featuring new and recent works on paper by leading international artists, the Biennial showcases every imaginable technique and represents artists from a range of generations, backgrounds, and heritages. The exhibition culminates in an online auction taking place over its final two weeks, with all works available to purchase – it’s your chance to own works by established greats and discover emerging talent.

For many, 2020 was the year for drawing – its absorbing immediacy, its accessibility to all and its capacity for processing ideas, thoughts and emotions made it a vital tool for navigating uncertain times. The multiplicity of drawings on show reveals sparkling gems, a glossary of the challenges and the opportunities afforded by a global pandemic that has affected us all in different ways.


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May 21, 2021