Iliodora Margellos

Finalist RUYA MAPS "Creative Cities: Spirit" open call

RUYA MAPS is pleased to share the three artists who are the finalists in our open call: Alkmini Gkousiari, Iliodora Margellos and Melina Fakitsa Mosland.


Each artist has been awarded a micro-commission to create a new work in response to the theme ‘Spirit’ through which we have been exploring Athens. Spirit is an essential component, it allows us to thrive and persist during changing times. As our curatorial statement for this edition of Creative Cities states, spirit allows us to transcend the physical and seek connections, this is present throughout Athens whether through its Ancient and Byzantine heritage, through its mythology, art and architecture or through nature, in particular the sea that frames it.


Each of the selected artists has a different relationship to the city; Alkmini Gkousiari holds the perspective of someone who has moved away and considers themselves a visitor, Iliodora Margellos has returned to the place of her childhood with her own family, and Melina Fakitsa Mosland has stayed in the neighbourhood where she grew up. 


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January 27, 2021