CHTHONIC ARCHIVE: FALLING MAN by Jordan Rountree One-night-only installation and live show on Tuesday May 28, 2019 from 7 to 10 pm

An interdisciplinary live show centered on the experience of a person falling from a great height. Features a performance accompanied by original electronic music, a video installation, and audio recordings of spoken text about the enduring influence of Richard Drew’s photograph The Falling Man on modern American entertainment.



Text written and performed by Jordan Rountree
Music composed by Jordan Rountree, co-produced by Jordan Rountree and William Adamowicz, performed by William Adamowicz
Lights designed by Brandon Baruch
Video captured by Jake Bergman

An airplane jet-stream disperses among the clouds, as if the spectral fossil of a giant snake were being atomized. The air is full of sea-salt, adding resistance to the upward-rushing wind. The space inside my body is exactly the same as the space outside of it. Boundless. My throat widens...if the black holes in my eyes are big enough, they could swallow the world before it crushes me.
May 28, 2019