Pam Evelyn creates paintings that read as abstractions, however she incorporates a sensitivity and consideration towards figurative and landscape structures. 


Evelyn does not allow the painting to get pinned down or instructed to a set ideal, instead the marks are imposed and removed, occasionally the absence or ghost of a form plays as an internal construction. If the painting becomes too self-aware or directed, many methods are imposed to then lose or muddy the clarity found. The canvas’s orientation is continuously played with, and drips or blemishes are left like scars. As a painter she does not look to paint a varnished preserved view of the world, her focus is to let paint act from impulse, chance or even frustration, in an unedited display that rejoices and sometimes shakes. 


A concentration and attention is made to the nature of each mark, its impulse, speed, direction and most importantly the mysterious mute element to a painting that can’t be accessed through words, where a gesture is direct enough it sheds all inhibition, containing a raw trace of human nature in sometimes its most vulnerable state. 


The artist lives and works in London, UK.

Selected Artworks