Francesca Longhini


Francesca Longhini’s artistic practice is seeded in her dynamic and complex investigation into the inaccuracies, decompositions, and reinterpretations of color and poetry. 


Longhini’s admiration of Italian masters, in particular, Caravaggio and Titian is the starting point of her work. However, Longhini saw no future in their visual vocabulary. She not only considers the opulence and richness of baroque as a style, but also imagines it as a state of mind, which is often confused and muddled. In an attempt to create order and spur artistic evolution, Longhini employs control in the form of a reduced palette and steady composition. 


Longhini most recent works can be thought of as powerless or anesthetized, indifferent spectators. They seek their personal balance inside a scenario where images and hierarchies of sense and meaning are mixed up without any criterion, where the goal is to take advantage of the social media users. ​


Lives and works in Brescia and Milan.